The Wean Machiene

I had the pleasure of demonstrating a fabulous product at our meeting today. The Wean Machine is a product that I have never seen before and now couldn't live without. It is going to be an essential part of my diaper bag, especially now as my little guy is eating more and more. I won't have to worry about bringing separate meals for him whenever we go out, and its the perfect tool when you go camping and don't have electricity (or if a hurricane goes by and the electricity goes out!).
This compact and easy to use machine will mash foods in no time at all. Just toss in the food, squeeze and its ready to eat. There are also 2 grill sizes which is great for when your baby is ready for a coarser mash. It has a handy little cover too, so when your done it can go back in the diaper bag without worrying about a mess.
Another handy feature is that it's dishwasher safe, couldn't be any simpler! I highly recommend this to all the mom's in our group, and its the perfect baby shower gift that will be unique and get people talking.

Thanks Juvenile Solutions for sending this for us to try out!

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  1. When you showed us this little contraption I was amazed. It's so handy and perfect for eating on the go. You've been able to get us some pretty neat stuff. Thanks!