My Little Weather Buddy

Simply stick it on the window and eliminate the power struggle!

Have my little weatherbuddy show'em what to wear! Studies show self motivated children stay focused longer and complete tasks more quickly! my little weatherbuddyƤ combines simple visuals and a little MAGIC to motivate children to make dressing FUN & EASY! It's pretty simple, my little weatherbuddyƤ offers a unique means of teaching your child this important self-help skill, increasing their SELF ESTEEM a little each day! (It saves time too!)

Post a response for an extra chance to win this amazing product! Thanks My Little Weather Buddy for the Samples!


  1. Pretty neat!
    I'll see you tomorrow, however I will be away to visit my family out of town on the 15th! :-)

  2. Thats so cool.... Wish I had it when my others boys were small

  3. What a neat idea! I would love to have this for my little guy.

  4. I am definatly getting one of these! Every morning is a struggle trying to get him to wear appropriate clothing based on weather and not what characters are on the shirts! :)

  5. Such a cute and clever idea!

    Hoping to see everyone on 15th Dec...